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Respect of web standards and recommendations for accessibility

A Special care was taken to make the Website NEXINT accessible to the largest number of people, including people with a possible visual impairments.

In this context, the site conforms to:

  • technical standards and the web standards established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium - www.w3.org)
  • Recommendations for Web content accessibility established by the WAI Web Accessibility Initiative (www.w3.org/wai/wai-fr)

Speech synthesis

For an easier review of NEXINT web pages, a speech synthesis tool will soon be put in place, and will help the text reading contained in the site by a high quality synthesis voice.

The visitor can then listen in very good condition the text reading by clicking on the icon located in the toolbar of the site but only if his computer is equipped of a sound card and a multimedia player.

No pre-registration has been carried out (the voiceless text is generated at the visitor's request). A specific treatment must be made before the reading start, assuming of about 30 seconds wait (sometimes more for very long texts).

NEXINT Expertise

NEXINT has created and edits ezaccess, the first global solution for accessibility.

In addition to its strong issues and problems expertise of websites accessibility of, NEXINT conduct many seminars, conferences and workshops around this theme.

Finally, NEXINT, trained and graduated by the BrailleNet Association (www.braillenet.org) to assess the websites accessibility is certified "AccessiWeb Expert". And for this reason member of "Accessiweb” Working Group (www.accessiweb.org).

Our technologies @ your service

  • LightStorm
    ( LightStorm ) Building the Internet Promise First universal Internet platform, LightStorm is a global solution for creating and managing websites (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, e-Commerce, e-Mailing, e-CRM, ...).
    learn more about LightStorm
  • ezaccess
    ( ezaccess ) Delivering Global Accessibility First global accessibility solution, ezaccess is an innovating solution offering true answers to web content and services accessibility issues.
    learn more about ezaccess
  • OpenCert
    ( OpenCert ) Securing the Internet Relationship Solution for securing data flows and exchanges, OpenCert allows you to securize the accesses to your protected websites as well as their data.
    learn more about OpenCert
  • SmartMail
    ( SmartMail ) Relational Emailing Relational emailing solution, SmartMail allows you to create, manage and follow-up your targeted and personalized e-marketing campaigns.
    learn more about SmartMail

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  • i-Expo 2007 Exhibition

    NEXINT made several interventions at the conferences and workshops of the latest edition of i-Expo exhibition on the theme « The new values of information at the era of the Web 2.0 ».

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